Almost each page sparkles with fresh insight...

Trevor Hudson

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A gem of a book

Prof. Allan Boesak

About the Guidebook

You will love how this guidebook leads you on the exciting journey of getting to know Jesus better. You will come to appreciate the relevance of Jesus to all dimensions of life today – including the social, spiritual, religious, economic, political, relational and ecological realities. John Wessels has developed and taught the contents of this guidebook in courses since the year 2000. Over the years he has re-written, enlarged and refined the guidebook. Now, nineteen years after the start of this project, he has decided it is ready for publication.

The guidebook can be used as a comprehensive journey of discipleship for individuals, small groups or congregations. It may also be divided into three separate shorter studies in the following way: ‘Jesus rediscovered!’ (six-week journey), ‘The Kingdom Consciousness Movement’ (nine-week journey), and ‘Salvation rediscovered’ (six-week journey).

Instructions for all these and more options are given in the guidebook and supported by this website.
The workbook costs R310, so get your copy now!

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A greatJourney for


Personal and practical, this journey will help you in your individual walk with Christ.

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 Your small group

As a small group, this journey gives you the opportunity to grow together towards the Missing Jesus in your lives.

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 Your church

Your whole church community can be impacted if the journey is taken together as a church-wide course.

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A few Recommendations

Prof. Allan Boesak

Theologian, cleric and activist

John Wessels’ Missing Jesus truly is a gem of a book, a gift to clergy and lay persons, to teachers and students of the Word, a joy to read and will no doubt be a joy to work with. … The author’s love for Jesus and the Bible is unabashed, his treatment of the material intellectually honest, his understanding of the relevance of the Bible and the message of Jesus to the challenges facing the church and our societies is spot on, his approach to the reader highly respectful. A delightful book.

Dr Mamphela Ramphele

Medical doctor, politician, activist

This book is a contribution to our public discourse that could not have come at a better time. … This should be required reading for all seeking to live their beliefs.

Rev. Faith Whitby

Methodist Minister, Teacher, Preacher

John encourages his readers to build an authentic relationship with Jesus Christ, rather than be ‘consumers’ of religion. … I highly recommend it.

Dr Derek Morphew

Academic Dean of Vineyard Institute

I agree with the central thesis of the ‘missing Jesus’. Protestant Evangelicalism has tended towards a reductionist view of the gospel. …This work brings an important theological corrective.

The Most Revd Njongonkulu Ndungane

Former Primate of the Anglican Church of Southern Africa

Missing Jesus is a comprehensive, thought-provoking contribution to the literature of our faith that will deepen the spiritual life of anyone who reads it or uses it as a study guide.

Father Albert Nolan

Author, Roman Catholic priest

Christian faith is about a person: Jesus of Nazareth. … What we have here is a comprehensive guidebook for all who preach or teach in the Churches which will enable us to find the missing Jesus, the Shepherd we had lost. I can recommend it without reservation.

Bp Yvette Moses

Methodist Church of Southern Africa

What struck me is the simplicity of the text, while at the same time dealing with complex, foundational doctrines and practices of our Christian faith.

Trevor Hudson

Author, Pastor, Teacher

             "Almost   each   page   sparkles   with   fresh   insight,   pastoral   relevance   and   down-to-earth   application."                        

So, What's Being Said?

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Rev. Gcobani Vika BA (RU), Mth (Edin). Methodist Minister

12 August 2019

‘Just as the theme of God’s Kingdom was central in the ministry of Jesus, the author succeeds in articulating the fundamental principles of Kingdom step by step for a plain person. Wessels does not shy away from his intention of inviting people to a radical transformation of consciousness which will lead to a transformation of the global world. If people were to experience this radical transformation the world would be a better place to live in.’

Revd Dr Trevor Ruthenberg.

5 August 2019

‘Missing Jesus? is a timely corrective . The author reinstates the much-neglected teachings of Jesus and the kingdom perspective that permeates Jesus’ ministry. Enlightening and inspired, the study excels in locating Jesus’ kingdom/community consciousness in the communal life of the Trinity. Wessels ably shows that discipleship is multi-relational, a kingdom life.’

Rev. Smanga Bosman BTh (Rhodes), BThHonours (UNISA)

25 September 2019

‘I truly believe that this resource has come at the right time for our Church, and the Church in general, especially in times where our understanding of Christ seem to be so much challenged by the different doctrines and theologies, driven by quick fixes and instant gratification.’

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